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Catholic Charities & Living Justice Mission Team

Catholic Charities Information and Appointments Number  |  920-272-8234 

Website | www.newcatholiccharities.org

As a community of missionary disciples, the Catholic Charities and Living Justice Mission Team strives to live out the mission of the Gospel in serving those who are most in need in our communities by embodying Matthew 25 and by promoting the social teachings of the Church, especially as they relate to issues of justice and human dignity. Through the Office of Catholic Charities and the Office of Living Justice, our mission team works to meet the direct needs of people in our community, while also advocating for those in need by calling attention to the systemic issues that contribute to injustice in our society. In all we do, we are committed to bringing the love of Christ to everyone we serve.

Mission Team Leader

Girotti Fr John 2015Fr. John Girotti  |  920-272-8124
Mission Team Leader


A more detailed list of contacts is available by clicking the underlined name of any office or mission team.

The Office of Living Justice serves the needs of the community by raising awareness about issues of injustice and attacks on human dignity and applying the wisdom of the Church to these issues. By sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we strive to inspire people to develop creative and life-giving responses to injustice in our community - locally, nationally, and globally. Through education, advocacy, collaboration, and communication, we work to address the systemic issues that contribute to injustice in our society and to be a voice for those whose voices are often silenced.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay is here for you, and for those you care for, during some of life’s most challenging moments. We share the love of Christ with those we serve by providing a variety of services to all individuals regardless of their religious affiliation or beliefs. Since our founding in 1918, we have served the needs of the 16 counties in the Diocese of Green Bay. Five offices with full-time coverage and additional outreach offices mean help is available throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.

The main website for Catholic Charities is www.newcatholiccharities.org and we invite you to explore this site to learn more about us and reach out to us at one of our locations if you have any need related to services described here.